Access Aktivitäten


Access focuses on working with young people with fewer opportunities outside formal education – in so-called „undervalued social spaces”.
  • The three local tandems in Berlin, Vienna and Valencia develop tailor-made participation offers for the selected target groups and test them with the young people in the district. Access also offers particularly active young people the opportunity to become experts in peer learning with other young people.
  • We combine this with counselling and training for youth work staff.
  • Capacity building and competence development of the project partners is also a topic in the project – with a series of workshops for mutual learning around social space and resilience issues, the „EU Youth Strategy” and the „European Youth Work Agenda”.
  • In parallel, we install an ongoing stakeholder dialogue in Berlin, Vienna and Valencia to support and youth work actions and to anchor them in the neighbourhood and a series of events for multipliers.
  • Talks, presentations at events, publications in the media and EU-wide dissemination via networks and platforms make the model widely known and bring the issues into larger public discussion.
  • Finally, the findings and conclusions will feed into recommendations for science and politics.